I am so proud To Announce I have joined Ken Lewis & Katalyst Team!

Excited to announce I am now officially Team Katalyst. I will be working super producer Ken Lewis    and his team! The music  we have already made for my EP is amazing. I can not wait to share it with you.......... the best support system my fans and family. I prayed  for a good team to take me in and give me a home to continue my musical Journey. Now fasten your seat belts and join me for the ride. 


Don't Be Afraid To Jump!

Wow amazing Mr. Steve Harvey!!!! I jumped when I audition for The Voice. Was I nervous yes....but did it anyways. I did not win the show but gained so much knowledge, courage, strength physically and spiritually. We all have our own   individual talents. Find your gift and jump!!! Taking the first major jump,made me want to continue on my musical journey and never stop. My new new advise to everyone is:
"Chase your dreams. You might just catch one!"
-Shalyah Fearing


Check my first Blog! written for my Virtual High school Program!


This post was written by Shalyah Fearing, FLVS student and contestant on The Voice, Season 10.

Have you ever dreamed about a goal that you want to accomplish in life? I have.

Chase after your dreams. You might actually catch one!

I always wanted to audition for “The Voice.” I thought the show was unique compared to all the others. The chairs aren’t facing you during your audition! They can’t judge you off of your looks or style. They can only judge by your voice and that’s it. Genius!

I decided at the age of 12 that I was going to audition for this show and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Here comes that ping of doubt sitting in the corner of your mind. The kind of doubt that only comes out of its corner to crush your dreams when the time comes.

“Shalyah. Do you honestly think that out of thousands of singers here to audition, that you’ll get a slot? Why try?” that voice would ask me.

Because…if you never try, then how will you ever accomplish anything in life? How will you ever grow? How will you ever reach your goals?

After saying that to my doubt, without another word, it went back into hiding and I went in for my audition.

I only got one chair, and I was stolen twice, but that never stopped me from continuing on in the competition. I did my best out there on the stage every night and I made it to the top eight semifinals! I thought to myself in that moment that this was it. I made it! I made it because I tried! I made it because not once did I give up or let doubt torture me.

Yeah, I went home. Yeah, I was sad about not making it into the top four, but I believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason for me making it that far was to learn and grow as a singer and as a person. My experience was a head start in my career. It was the beginning of my journey and certainly not the end of it.

I will continue to chase after my dream and succeed in doing so. If I can do it, then why can’t you?

I believe that if you conquer your fear and push aside doubt that anything is possible. Don’t you?

Post by FLVS Student Shalyah Fearing     http://blog.flvs.net/chase-your-dreams-you-might-catch-one